What is Musician's Helper and How Can It Help You?

Hi Music Students and Teachers,

Are you struggling to learn music due to a disability? Do you teach music lessons for kids with physical or behavioral challenges?

Then this is the place for you.

Musician's Helper is where all kids can learn to play and love music.

Playing a musical instrument not only gives pleasure. It also helps the brain in the following ways...

    •    improves the ability to make predictions
    •    enhances attention span by making it longer
    •    updates memory
    •    engages  and improves motor skills.
    •    positively impacts the visual and auditory learning systems
    •    provides sensory feedback

It is no mistake--learning music with a disability can be a very up-hill battle. It can be very tedious and frustrating.

A good deal of musical instruments could be adapted to suit playing music with special needs. Simple tools such as a sponge, clamp, or even a rubber band can work wonders to bring the exploration of music to students who would not otherwise be able to participate. Alternate fingerings can be created so children can play a variety of compositions.

Where is a place where music could be made accessible for all learners?

Right here. Conductor Cody is at the helm and ready to watch you and your students soar!

Sheet Music Plus Classical

Want to learn great classic rock music, get this anthology of some of the greatest rock hits ever here.

Check out the new "Sacred and Secular" choral piece set.

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