About Me

Hey there! This page is to tell you a little more about me and what I do.

I am a composer and sound designer who specializes in anything from classical music to rock and roll, from folk to pop music. I am a lyricist and poet as well.

I am launching this website to teach and help musicians from all walks of life get a grip on some of the basic fundamentals of music as well as offer various channels to musicians to sell their music as to ones where they can buy music, etudes, exercises and musical instruments and equipment to help them on their path to becoming highly functioning and successful musicians.

I am a strong advocate of music playing a key role in shaping the future of our nation and its people. I am a very strong believer that music should be part of everyone's life. A world without music is no world at all, and it is with this website that I intend to make music an everlasting part of the world we live in.

I am a strong believer for musicians with disabilities. In some ways, people with disabilities are some of the most intelligent and talented people in the world.

Music conveys sadness, happiness, warming, kindness, excitement, and fun. Without these emotions, what future do we all have? This site is to help students, hobbyists and all other musical-minded people experience these emotions by giving them the tools and resources to make the jump from wishing to do music to doing it and succeeding at it.

One thing about me that you'll realize in this site is that I like to open up and encourage people to become more active and have more fun as musicians. Live out all the emotions that are possible in music today. It's a pretty sure bet that there will be a page about Feeling Music and how to really get deeply involved in the creation and performance of music.

I am deeply involved with getting music to the forefront of not just popular culture, but to see it as a palatable career again. There are so many people who want to be artists who can't because naysayers drag them down and make them feel bad about themselves and their career choice(s). I want to put an end to those by providing the resources to get you rolling in the right direction for a music career and overall experience that keeps on giving for years to come.

If you'd like to know more about me and the website go to the homepage to learn more. Take a look around at all there is to offer and be amazed!

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