How To Play Piano

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Conductor Cody, here!

This next set of pages will show you how to play piano. Piano is one of the most common instruments for young musicians to start off playing. There is so much to learn about piano. That is precisely why I am dedicating a whole series of pages dedicated to those students who would love to learn more about piano.

I'd like to start off with a special piece of information on how playing piano could benefit a student with disabilities as well as non-disabled students.

Learning how to play piano, people with disabilities improve in:

  • Overall brain function and mind retention
  • Ability of physical motor skills.
  • Stretching of fingers and positions
  • Emotional stamina as music allows for the expression of whatever the student is feeling
  • Better study skills
  • And still more… 

People with no disabilities will improve in:

  • Emotional stamina that will help with depression
  • Physical exercise for the hand that will not be as hard for those without disabilities as people that do have them.
  • Better study skills

The above reasons are why I am designing pages that will help kids with or without disabilities discover that music can be fun.

For now, if you are interested in learning about piano music for beginners, click the link on this line.

For some quick piano tips on how to play piano, click the link on this line.

Other tips on how to begin playing piano if you have a disability are available here.

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