In need of piano technique, Some piano music for beginners...

Welcome to the piano music for beginners page. The only way for you to understand more about piano technique is to experience the technique first hand. Throughout my experience teaching students in this area, I’ve come across people of mainly two walks of life.

One is the student who comes in and knows a bunch of music by ear, but can’t read a note of it. In that case, I would design a specific plan that the students would follow. It would include doing extensive sight reading exercises including a five-note scale, chords, arpeggios, and then of course short and easy exercises for piano which I have links to below.

The second point of view is the student who comes to me who has no ear, but some knowledge of sight-reading and maybe music theory. Some have only some knowledge of the keys according to what they could play out of primer and other beginning piano courses. In my experience, many of those books have very minimal material in musical theory. Yes, it is nice to have some partial chords, scale exercises and a circle of fifths chart in the front of the book, but most publications need more.

Here is a free piano E-book that will help solidify the basics for you.

That is why I am soon to offer a bigger, better book of piano music for beginning students in the near future.

Nonetheless, here some valuable resources that give you piano music for beginners who may not know the foundations of music.

Some notable piano pieces for beginners include:

  1. fur Elise
  2. Pachabel's Canon in D
  3. Clair de Lune
  4. Moonlight Sonata

Many of these pieces have been specifically arranged for the lower levels of piano playing (i.e. Level 1 or 2.)

To get to know more about levels go to the piano tips page.

Later on, I will have more resources for students and teachers including an E-book on teaching piano and more complete piano pieces that will help all levels of piano students. These new piano pieces will not only be great in technique but will also have memorable melodies that are sure to stick in the student’s mind (a grand stroke in the direction of also developing musical memory.

For now go to the previous page to get a better scoop on piano music for beginners.

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