Piano Finger Exercises For Musicians With Disabilities

Hello, all!

Conductor Cody here to teach you about piano finger exercises.

It is especially important to know how to move your fingers on the piano so you can hit all the right notes while playing.

This is why I have developed the following strategies to help your hands, despite your disability.

It is Important to Know Proper Fingering Position

Flattened Position

 Using this hand position may be how most of you start off playing piano. However, long-term use of the hands in this flattened hand position will cause injury to the wrist and make stretching unnecessarily painful and stressful to the hands. You won't be able to make stretches and wraps in scales and other pieces of music properly if you keep your hands totally flat.

Straight Position

 The straight position is where your hands are slightly curved but not curved enough for a lot of stretching and will prove hard to do while trying to wrap and release fingers during scales and other warmups.

Curved Position

This is the holy grail of piano hand positions. In order to accurately reach all positions on the piano and curve and release your fingers during scales and other warmups, you must have your wrists angled up and your fingers curved so that the tips of the fingers are on the keys. This may feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but after some practice, it will become second nature to you.

First, An Exercise without the piano!

Take your wrist and curl your fingers.

Place your index finger upon your thumb.

Move each of your fingers across your thumb ten times. Do this slowly at first so that each finger hits the thumb. What you're doing here is getting your fingers limber enough for the piano so that when you play, the stiffness of your hands will reduce tension and make it easier to play.

Exercises to Do While On The Piano

Once you're on the piano here is a report that will help you start piano finger exercises with a simple five note warmup.

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