Can Anyone Read Music?

Ever wonder, "Can anyone read music?" Do you know music? Is music something anyone can pick up?

Conductor Cody, here. I say that anyone who would like to learn music, with practice, CAN read music.

What's that? "Is it really hard, you say?"

Well, at first it can be hard, but keep in mind, if you can read music, you can do anything!

Practice! Lots of practice! The more you work at it, the faster you will see yourself get better.

The "I Want To Do It" attitude-- you have to want to learn to read music. You have to be happy and excited when you are learning this new thing.

Mind tricks and Recognition-- Try to give yourself something to remember when reading music. Pair whatever it is up with learning to read music. It could be something funny. It could be remembering a chore to do. It could even be a cartoon character. Find something you can easily remember and pair it with reading music every time you sit down to practice. Over time, pairing something else easily memorable with music could help you get better faster.

Time- Most of you who don't already read music may have trouble with this one, students and teachers alike. Learning to read music takes time. The more time you take to learn music, the better. Music is a language in itself. It's just as important as learning your ABCs. Learning your ABCs took you some time to memorize. Well, music is that same way, partly because it uses the first seven letters of the ABC alphabet, A through G. Not only that, but each letter has a note resting on a certain position on a staff. All of this takes time for your mind to sort out. So, it is important to be patient and have fun learning to read music.

At first, you may feel intimidated by the whole process, but if you give it time, practice and an "I can do it" attitude, you will be able to read music faster than you think.

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