Choral and Vocal Music

This subpage lists and details all the choral and vocal music that I have written or other music scanned in to demonstrate compositional techniques. Below, I give you samples of a translation and adaptation of "Ave Maria."

Here is a sample partial video of the "Ave Maria" composed by Cody Weinmann. In this sample you will have a pair of performers performing simple harmony--harmony of mostly thirds. This piece has what I would call revolving climaxes. The piano accompanies the texture of voices, moving it from high point to high point. It is highly acceptable for church services everywhere.

Another example and piece of choral and vocal music is "Dear Sweet Voice." Yes, this is another of my works that I wanted to demonstrate as its text revolves around the story of a tenor who has gone into forced retirement and wishes to go back. The piece demonstrates dissonances of what's called a minor second (from C to B and back to C again in the bass line of the piano). The strains of the tenors voice and the dissonances in the piano and awkward changes followed by clear resolution chords make this an oddly compelling listen.

You can listen to the piece here.

You can purchase the piece for study and performance at the link below.

The last piece, a piece called "Wake Up My Love," features what I call three micro-movements. The first movement or section is to set the tone in D. It is more of a D-mode, almost like D mixolydian. The piece also features time changes from 6/4 to 5/4 back to 6/4 again (pictured below).  This is followed by a change to G, or rather the mode for G--mixolydian. Then, the tempo accelerates  to quarter note equals 76 and then up into a bizarre 8/8 pattern where the choir "dances" around to a flourishing finish.

The 8/8 pattern is pictured below.

Below is the linked audio file and download for this piece of music. Just click the photo.

My new two-piece set "Sacred and Secular" is now available for study. You can pick it up by clicking the picture or clicking below:

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Please come back to this page periodically as more music will be uploaded.

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