Score Editors for Students

The new age of music education calls for a score editor. Which will you choose to help educate your student? This page could help you choose.

We are looking at programs mainly for use in educating music students, primarily for beginners. This page will also introduce your student to these programs too.

This page will give you some advice and links to some of the top score editors that I would recommend. These resources should give you a pretty good start if you plan to use score editors for your projects in the future.

Muse Score

Muse Score is a free score editor that is downloadable right from the web to your computer. All you do is go to and follow the simple  on-screen instructions for downloading purpose.


This notation program has to be the premier flagship notation program that gives you access to all kinds of meta-tools and other features that will make for stunning replications and engravings of old scores, and will bring your written scores (for the composer in you) to life.

The current version of the program in use is now Finale 2012. I use Finale 2011, since I haven't quite had money to upgrade it recently. It is about $200 for the upgrade from one version of Finale to the other. Right now, it's about $500 for the full version if you haven't had Finale before. You may want to start with Muse Score or another free notation software to leaven your budget. The only thing is, that you may be limited by the features of the particular version of the program.

This is the score program that I use to bring my music for bands, piano students and voice students alike. My opinion on it is varied. If you're using it on a Windows system, be prepared for some hiccups. It slows your computer down to the point of closing out when you go to save your work. This is why I switched to the mac platform and used Finale. Mac was made for graphic-intensive programs like Finale. I used Finale on this platform and only minor slowing happened.

As for the features, Finale's features may not be kid or student friendly. Some of the features including the program's extensive metatool functions are hidden. If you're a student or teacher of a student who is willing to learn the ropes, it is worth buying.

Click here to sample and buy Finale.


Sibelius is another such flagship program that is hailed by professional concert music composers and educators alike. There has been an on-going feud between Sibelius and Finale as to what program is better.

Personally, if you are in educator trying to jot out quick arrangements for your next band or choir performance, or a teacher educating private students, I would suggest Sibelius or its cheaper modeled programs like Sibelius Scorch and Sibelius First that offer one on one options for music teachers and students.

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