Music Therapy and ADHD

Hello All!

I would like to talk to you today about music therapy and its effects on ADHD.

I have read research that says music  helps the brain to help treat ADHD. I have also heard and seen research that said music doesn't help ADHD. The amount of research that I have found on ADHD firing up certain things in the brain that help calm ADHD symptoms has been overwhelming.

For instance, check out the article here for more info on this.

Further Evidence That ADHD Helps Calm Brain Waves

From the research that I've compiled, regular music therapy helps balance the synapses of the brain that are responsible for the ADHD activity. The opaqueness of sound and the textures go in through the ears of the patient and goes to the areas of hyper-activity and is shown to drastically cut the areas of heavy imbalance to a straight and balanced line of activity.

What Types of Music Help Kids With ADHD?

Meditation Music--Music that is soft in nature, not too loud. Music that is based on synthesizer textures or soft orchestral instruments like the harp and piano.

Take for example-- This music here.

Or this music here.

Or you can try this meditation clip below:

Mood Music--This is music that is generally synthesizer or keyboard-based that swells, ebbs and flows in a certain tonality or key. It is specifically designed to make the student or patient feel a certain way.

Studying Music Helps Treat ADHD?

Sheet Music Plus Classical
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