Music Notes and Symbols

Hey! Conductor Cody here to present you with music notes and symbols! Let's hop to it, shall we?

The quarter note- the basic note to start off with. It is worth one count.

A Half note is two quarter notes.

An eighth note is worth half of one quarter note.

A sixteenth note is worth half of the eighth note.

Dotted note (. )- Any valued note that has a dot on it has the value of the note plus half of that same value added to it. For examples, see the definitions below.

Treble Clef is the clef the right hand uses to play piano.

Bass Clef is the one used by the left hand when you play the piano.

Grace notes are little notes between the regular ones in a score where there is need for added decoration. You play the grace notes fast and prior to the note that they come before.

Slashed grace notes indicate that you do the grace notes but play them with a sharper, faster pace than regular grace notes.

he natural means play a particular note at its original pitch. Naturals cancel out any other accidentals that came before. They are the “natural” pitch modifiers in sheet music.

A sharp is a modifier for any note signaling that the desired pitch be slightly higher (a half step) than the natural pitch originally given in the music.

Flat (b): A flat is a modifier for any note that signals that the desired pitch be slightly lower (by a half step) than the natural pitch originally given in the music.

Pictures of Music Terms

Here are some pictures of music notes and symbols along with their text meanings below:

Free Music Notes and Terms E-book

This and other terminology is all present in my free piano E-book, but what about different text expressions? What do they mean? Here are some of those terms and what they mean--part of the answer!

More music notes and symbols are featured on my music notation page at the link above.

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