5 Benefits of Music Writing for Kids

Do you often think kids can't compose? I beg to differ. Music writing for kids can greatly increase their interest and reinforcement of their music studies.

A Personal Experience...

When I was a kid I took piano lessons for ten years. For three of those years, I took lessons with a guy who was part of Roy Rogers Junior's touring band. He was a keyboardist. I remember, as we neared the first year of piano lessons, he started writing in my assignment book for me to write little compositions for the next lesson.

For example, he would say, "Write a country song for next week," or "Write a waltz." This went on for about a month. Let me tell you. It was the most fun learning how to write music alongside all the music that I was learning to play.

Who Would Be Interested in This?

For those that are older or more down the road in music, you may be interested in this. There are key benefits that go with composing as a kid.

  1. You not only study from the basics to the masters, but you could use their skills to make your own beautiful masterpieces. This makes music writing for kids a great self esteem booster.
  2. You get to develop those important skills that schools say are important for reasoning and problem solving when composing a piece. Think about where melodies and harmonies go and what they do. You're stuck, right? Well, that's where the problem solving comes in. You get to play the detective to search for the right solution--hence the right note to finish a melody, or the right note to top off a harmony. It can also help keep the brain alert and functioning when difficulties arise. See how music writing for kids helps improve their brain function.
  3. You get the full power of self expression and sharing that expression with family, friends, and people you meet. This is a powerful venting tool for those people who are highly stressed or facing situations that are drawing all the negative out of you. Some of the most beautiful music that has ever come to me has come when the most depressing or hard situations come to light.  This is where music composition could keep children's emotions controlled without medication.
  4. If you're in school, writing music can prove helpful in subjects like math, science, and other social skills.
  5. Above all, composing as a kid or other beginner in music could help you appreciate music and taking private lessons more and make you want to keep pursuing music in the future.

So, if you're a teacher of a young student and their a ways along in their lessons, go ahead and tell them to try their luck with writing. Go back to the composition methods page for a quick run-through of some of the methods of composition and to develop a plan for music writing for kids.  The link will take you to the article as it is on Yahoo Voices. It's a great exercise! Give it a try!

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