Can You Read Music Fast?

Can you read music fast? Is there any way? There are many. Let me explain.

Musicians can be frustrated with trying to learn to read music by traditional means of learning one to three notes at a time.

For beginners, sight reading is one of the most difficult things to do. Older beginners are searching for ways to read music fast. I know this, because, even though I am college-trained in music, my sight reading ability has waned.

That is when and why I started searching for some refresher course that would help me read faster.

Are There Any Programs that Will Teach You How to Read Music Fast?

As a matter of fact, there are some programs on how to sight read music faster. If you are in need of help and are or are teaching a beginning student who is younger, go back to the sight reading for children page for a quick breakdown of how the process works.

For the older beginner, there are also some programs that will help you learn music faster.

The big idea for sight reading fast or slow is to get the big picture. That picture is making connections on how the independent elements--melody, harmony, and rhythm function together. Looking at one little thing at a time will not teach you how to sight read fast. You will take months if you micro-sight read.

In the program How to Read Music In One Evening, Duane, the author of hundreds of different piano courses and instructional DVDs teaches older beginners the "Big Three" and how they function together to create the big picture of music. He teaches how intervals create melodies and how harmonies are specifically poised against melody to make music attractive. Duane should know it because over 40 years, he's taught thousands, young and old how to sight read and play piano.

One of the big things he taught me in this course is how harmony works together. For example, two triads (chords of three notes) stacked on top of each other create advanced harmonies like 7ths, 9ths, and 11ths. He taught me how the melodies could also add more to the harmony by making the chords bigger (ex. from just 1-3-5 to 1-3-5-7). These two things have helped me sight read so much better.

Best of all, this is an investment that will help you that doesn't break the bank. For $39, you'll get this award winning course and can divide the four hours of material up however you see fit. This is really an eye opener and one that will have you sight reading in a great way in minimal time.

I would highly recommend this program to any one who is having trouble learning basic music or has had failed attempts in the past. This product will clear up the headaches for you. Let me know your experiences in the comment section below.

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